New Content: Add Some Style to Your Slaughter!

New content out today that brings some style to the wasteland! Also includes a ton of updates, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes.


What's this? A beaten-up wardrobe has appeared in Cuddles' tire patch! Look inside its musty depths to access Jack's new costume selection.

But, wait - it's empty? Of course! What, you think you'd just be given new threads without putting in any work? Think again, sphincter face!

Hidden around the wasteland are new costumes for you to find. So get out there and use those eyeballs of yours! Then, return to the wardrobe and dress Jack up to add more edge (or more embarrassment) to his persona.

Have fun adding some style to your slaughter! :)


v1.0.12 Update Notes

New Content:
--Costumes added for Jack! After finding one, interact with the beat-up wardrobe in the gas station map to try it on and bring some style back to the wasteland! (Note: Jack is contractually obligated to change back to his original party tux during all cutscenes.)

--Jack’s light radius increased to provide more visible area in dark maps
--Extra outer ring added to Jack’s light radius to increase visible area in dark maps
--Player walking speed now increases incrementally to give better feel of motion
--Max player speed increased
--Added option to display game stats in in-game menu
--Locked food items now show with progress indicator in store

--Reworked player low health warning graphic (i.e., blood around edge of screen)
--Player health warning now fades in/out to help attract player attention
--Main menu overlay effect now fades in/out
--Added rounded edges to dialog bubbles
--Notification when picking up empty gas can now shows above Jack’s dialog box instead of behind
--Snak Shak repainted - a special thank you to the mutant painters sent by Mayor Biph from Glowing Hills
--Rubble added to several house maps in Glowing Hills
--Small visual improvements to Glowing Hills houses, metal fences, and other objects
--Glowing Hills now reported to be experiencing a spate of vandalism. Office of Mayor Biph (@GlowingHills) has yet to issue an official statement.
--”Loading” text on program start now animates to show signs of life - how official-looking! :o

--Removed barrel from Glowing Hills map that caused player to become stuck
--Added chainsaw attack and select sfx to correct audio group so they should now play at correct volume level
--Fixed issue with smart gun being usable when no ballistic ammo left
--Fixed issue with lighter upgrades not giving stat bonus - players that previously picked them up should be able to go and pick them up again to fix issue
--Fixed issue with main menu web links opening broken web link - big thank you to Vadim
(@YellowAfterlife) for providing an extension online that provides a workaround!
--Added some missing wall/prop control on Act 4 refinery maps
--Save file game world location added for specific Act 1 map
--Fixed some tiling depth and consistency issues
--Fixed issue where player could become stuck when moving against/into certain wall configurations

--Adjusted attack/select sound of specific secret weapon to help prevent audio popping
--New SFX added for fast travel system

--Crates now break a little faster to allow for smoother interaction. Speedrun world record now in jeopardy! ;)
--Bonus food items now show with ‘FREE’ as price instead of ‘0’

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Feb 11, 2021

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